Integrative Perspective on Ambidexterity, Creativity and Networking: Literature Overview

Joanna Radomska, Przemysław Wołczek
European Research Studies Journal, Volume XXIII, Issue 3, 31-49, 2020
DOI: 10.35808/ersj/1623


Purpose: This paper is aimed at investigating the research trends about ambidexterity blended with creativity and checking whether networking could be one of the approaches making that perspective more comprehensive. Approach/Methodology/Design: Almost every industry, characterized by particular specifics provides different managerial pressures. Those tensions are the drivers of changing managerial cognition aimed at finding the balance between improving the organizational performance and value creating. Based on the literature review and database search using PRISMA protocol, we proposed integrating ambidexterity, creativity and networking in one research perspective. Findings: A detailed analysis revealed three main research areas that are discussed so far - the development of dyadic ties of individuals, multitasking approach and the evolution of social networks linking individuals. Practical Implications: There are different managerial dilemmas which are rooted in the tensions observed. Holistic perspective that is applied in this study includes managing ambidexterity to develop specific organizational abilities driven by creativity. Providing an integrative perspective where the networking is also included, would allow to find the managerial solutions to some of the paradoxes reported. Originality/Value: Although there are many research results that confirm the necessity of enhancing the level of creativeness in organizations, we proposed including the networking perspective as one of the approaches that would allow to gain the knowledge and skills necessary to build the creative potential. As a result the perspective proposed would allow to deal with the paradoxes identifies and enhance the level of ambidexterity.

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