Technology Development Roadmaps: A Bibliometric Analysis of Scientific Literature

Cezary Winkowski
European Research Studies Journal, Volume XXIII, Issue 2, 694-713, 2020
DOI: 10.35808/ersj/1616


Purpose: The purpose of this article was to identify research sub-areas and to investigate methodological deficiencies in technology development roadmaps. Design/Methodology/Approach: For achieving the objective of this study, a critical analysis of literature and bibliometric analysis was carried out, through the analysis of 2610 relevant Scopus-indexed documents. The time frame of the analyzed period covered the years 1984-2019. On these grounds, a bibliometric map was developed using the VOS mapping technique – visualization of similarities. Findings: The analysis of interrelated key terms made it possible to identify clusters as research sub-areas related to the subject of technology roadmaps. The names of clusters were proposed, which made it possible to identify research sub-areas and main research issues, in which the authors of the publications used technology development roadmaps. The main areas in which technology development roadmaps are used include among others: estimating the potential environmental impact of technology change and anticipating its effects, determining the future of technological progress in companies, at various levels of government agencies and other organizations or designing directions of technology development in the context of sustainable development. Practical implications: This issue is important not only in the theoretical aspect, but also to increase the awareness of companies to help further improve strategic management related to technology management. Originality/Value: It was proposed to develop a methodology for the designing of technology development roadmaps, which will allow for a comprehensive look at the analyzed problem and will enable to determine the directions of technology development in a comprehensive way.

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