Buying Intention through User Interface Design

Nur Endah Retno Wuryandari, Pradana Vincentiar, Dudi Permana
European Research Studies Journal, Volume XXII, Issue 3, 470-479, 2019
DOI: 10.35808/ersj/1492


Purpose: Internet has made many things easier, cheaper and faster, especially in the retail industry. An example is customer shopping behavior, starting from advertising and ending up to the final transaction. One of the essential things in online selling is how to attract as many consumers as possible to visit the website so as to buy the products offered. Design/methodology/approach: This study aims to learn about the impact of e-impulse buying, user interface design and user experience of consumer buying behaviour relating to sports fashion. By implemeting the partial least square analysis method to measure the correlation between variables, the result of the research found that e-impulse buying and user interface design have a significant influence on consumer buying interest in website. Findings: Whereas, user experience has no effect at all on buying interest. On the other hand, the user interface design and user experience proved to have an impact on e-impulse buying on consumers while shopping online. Practical Implications: The proposed analysis can be used in customer shopping behavior by respective entities to improve sales. Originality/Value: It is a unique approach in a subject with a lot of different results and moderating variables.

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