Globalization and International Entrepreneurship

Minas Pediaditakis, Kleanthis Thomaidis
European Research Studies Journal, Volume IX, Issue 1-2, 25-44, 2006
DOI: 10.35808/ersj/147


Despite its specific destabilizing effects, the real dimensions of globalization do not justify a general alarm. Although technology revolution, "knowledge society", and deregulation trend bring uncertainty and risks, there is not a real global market yet, abolishing the national policy field and exposing firms, social groups and states to the threat of the global speculative capital. Objective difficulties restrict the irrepressible development of globalization while, concerning firms, the dangers hanging over the big multinational firms weaned from their national base, explain the absence of a generalized trend for their conversion to supranational firms. However, the ineluctable character of globalization and the ensuing competitive landscape, force firms to permanently adjust their strategy, structure and processes and often to internationalize in order to survive and sustain their competitive advantage. Lastly, prerequisites for successful internationalization are examined, especially for mall and middle sized enterprises which, far from being in rivalry with the multinational firms, they do well to develop complementary relationships and mutually profitable synergistic links with them.

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