Readiness Assesment Model for Creative Industries in Improving Competitiveness in Central Java

Winarsih , Hendar
European Research Studies Journal, Volume XXII, Issue 2, 384-405, 2019
DOI: 10.35808/ersj/1451


Purpose: This study aims to investigate the readiness factors of competitive advantage as a determinant of success in facing competition as well as developing measurement models and its scorecards. The resulting scorecard is used to measure readiness to create a comprehensive competitive advantage (multilevel perspective). Design/Methodology/Approach: The population in this study are creative industry players in the centers of creative regions in Central Java. Measurement of readiness assessment as a competitive advantage that is carried out comprehensively and periodically can provide technical and strategic advantages. Besides being able to be used to measure the strength or weakness of certain dimensions, it can also be used for continuous improvement. In addition, to optimize the efficiency and effectiveness of the process, knowledge transfer between creative industries is highly encouraged. Findings: The results of the study are four variables measuring the readiness of information technology, improving competitiveness, namely optimism, inconvenience, innovativeness and security. Data was collected by using a survey method with questionnaires using AMOS software. In general, the research findings indicate that SMEs in creative industries in Central Java have readiness to adopt IT. However, the research findings also indicate that perceptions of discomfort and insecurity are key issues that could potentially hamper IT adoption by SMEs creative industries in Central Java. Practical Implications: The contribution of the creative industry to the economy in Indonesia is without doubt. However the seriousness of the government in developing creative industries is being questioned, especially in terms of competitiveness. Therefore the Readiness Assessment Scorecard is offered to measure the extent to which the readiness of the creative industry has a competitive advantage. Originality/Value: With a specific measurement model of competitive advantage, it will facilitate both intellectuals, business people and the government in carrying out its role in developing the creative industry.

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