Promotion in Emerging Markets

E.M. Akhmetshin , R.H. Ilyasov , E.A. Sverdlikova , A.A. Tagibova , A.V. Tolmachev , A.V. Yumashev
European Research Studies Journal, Volume XXI, Special Issue 2, 652-665, 2018
DOI: 10.35808/ersj/1292


In the context of globalization and the importance of emerging markets, there is a need to study practical examples of product promotion in these markets. For Russia, the additional urgency is related to sanctions from the US and the EU, when the appeal to "friendly" developing countries is considered as the main (and in some cases- the only) export opportunity. Where to expand and how to proceed? What to look for marketing strategy? Where to find support? What barriers (risks) can be encountered on the export promotion path and how to circumvent them? These and other questions this work intends to answer. Its goal is to identify significant common factors and best practices for better product promotion in emerging markets. The research focuses on six emerging markets: China, Brazil, UAE, South Africa, Poland and Kazakhstan. The choice is due to the structural analysis of Russian exports for 2016, the preferences of expert analytics and, if possible, different geographical location (except for China and Kazakhstan) of the listed countries. The work is of practical value for companies seeking to bring their products to the emerging markets. The follow-up to this study can be a narrowing of the topic to specific types of products, taking into account the industry practices, detailed study of individual ways for product promotion or focusing on the characteristics of one market.

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