Functioning of Tourist Recreational Special Economic Zones as Institutional Tools to Include Tourist Clusters in the World Economy

Bagiryan V.A, Basenko A.M., Kudiniva G.N., Surzhikov M.A.
European Research Studies Journal, Volume XXI, Special Issue 2, 230-237, 2018
DOI: 10.35808/ersj/1232


Nowadays to attract tourists to our resorts it is necessary to carry out our own tourism policy determined by the possibilities of this industry and which is to solve a number of social and economic problems. According to a number of the adopted government acts “On special economic zones in the North Caucasian Federal District“ on the territories of the investment sites the works to create engineer infrastructure and the related infrastructure are to be conducted for the further competitive and successful functioning of the tourist and recreational clusters, and special economic zones are to be created.

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