Principles and Methods of Efficient Organization of Vertically Integrated Structures in the Agro-Industrial Sector

I.V. Terrenina, D.D. Kostoglodov, N.A. Osadchaya, E.V. Mikhailichenko
European Research Studies Journal, Volume XXI, Special Issue 1, 496-505, 2018
DOI: 10.35808/ersj/1199


The article considers the principles and τηε organizational methods of vertically integrated structures, in particular vertical integration in the agro-industrial sector. It analyzes the peculiarities of development of the Black sea-Caspian region.The peculiarities of functioning in agro-industrial enterprises are revealed and the problem of using logistic tools in domestic business it is formulated. The article is devoted to solve actual scientific and practical tasks to ensure the efficient production and the sale of products with the lowest cost, providing freedom in the development of strategies for competitiveness, effective economic, financial, and personnel policy.The result of the research is to develop proposals on formation of logistic chains in the agro-industrial sector by considering the market, the economic policy of the regional authorities, the regulatory and legal acts constituting the legal basis of the organization of agro-industrial sector as given conditions.The article provides recommendations on the organization of vertically integrated structures in the agro-industrial sector with the purpose to increase management efficiency for the agricultural enterprises.

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