Rational Use of Forest as a Renewable Natural Resource

Yu.N. Stepanova, I.S. Zinovyeva, T.L. Bezrukova, I.V. Kuksova
European Research Studies Journal, Volume XXI, Special Issue 1, 443-454, 2018
DOI: 10.35808/ersj/1194


This article is devoted to the formation of a mechanism for the rational use of forests as a renewable natural resource, including transfer of forest areas in rent taking into account market indicators, advantages and disadvantages in the process of timber sales.The total income received in the form of fees for the use of forest fund and for the use of forests in 2016 in the Russian Federation is amounted to 24.4 billion rubles, which is 0.9 billion rubles (by 3.8%) more compared with the previous year.According to the state report of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Ecology, in the reporting 2016 year this payment was received in the amount of 27.8 billion rubles, which is 3.4 billion rubles (almost 14%) more than in 2015.Thus, due to the fact that Russia's natural forest resources constitute powerful strategic competitive advantage in the world economic system, the article, on the basis of the system approach, reveals correlation between the level of rent payments and profitability from the sale of round wood, taking into account harvested and considered assortments, which allows forming forest payments on the basis of domestic and export market prices and as a result increasing financial contribution from the use of forests to the national budget.

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