Food Security Problems and Imperatives of the North Caucasus Macro-Region Subjects

G.I. Panaedova, T.A. Kulagovskaya, T.N. Cheprakova, E.V. Yakubova
European Research Studies Journal, Volume XXI, Special Issue 1, 359-370, 2018
DOI: 10.35808/ersj/1186


This article concerns the analysis of food security in the North Caucasian macro-region. Any State is faced the challenge to provide safe food of domestic production to its population. This task is particularly relevant due to the emergence of a series of challenges and threats for country food sovereignty and its solution is impossible without active state support. The subjects of the North Caucasus Federal District have been selected as objects for this research.To identify the problems in country food security, the authors analyzed the global rating ¬ęThe Global Food Security Index" of the world's states. The authors also studied the internal and the external, economic and political objective and subjective factors and the potential for food security of macro-region. The authors analyzed the dynamics of development of the main types of agricultural production, the self-reliance level and production of basic foods, norms and actual food consumption.The authors show that with current sanctions and Russian anti-sanctions, there is a possibility of significant increase in agricultural production. The article draws conclusions on the significant differentiation of population per capita incomes by regions of the country and consumption of staple food. This study made it possible to identify the main problems and their impact on current Agro-Food market of the Russian Federation.The study recommends measures to strengthen food security by operational regional monitoring and by defining the evaluation indicators system of the level of food security comparable to systems at the international level.

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