Legal-Institutional Typology of the Subject of Economic Security

I.G. Napalkova, A.N. Pozdnishov, S.I. Ulezko, E.E. Barinov
European Research Studies Journal, Volume XXI, Special Issue 1, 315-323, 2018
DOI: 10.35808/ersj/1182


The article considers the problems of development of legal regulation in economic security. It evaluates the questions of formation of institutional factors, which define the system of legal prevention of threats to economic security.The study investigates the problems of transformation of economic security into one of the fundamental categories of the current right, which in turn defined the direction and depth of legal institutional structure of economic security at all levels. The factors impacting the growth of scientific and applied interest towards the conceptual, legal and institutional interpretations of economic security have been defined. Current legislation allowing to define the features of subject relations in the given sphere is being analysed.The research of acting Russian legislation, as well as the process of identifying the institutional and legal subjects of economic security, allow to construct the model of economic security with phenomenological method of thinking.Modern forms of institutionalization of legal support for economic security are based on the experience of leading regions across the world. The article points out that domestic legal science has significantly improved in conceptualizing the problems of economic security on the basis of classic examples of effective innovation activity.The article investigates the problems of legal institutionalization of the subjects of economic security, as well as carries out the search for effective measures to counteract the damaging tendencies in the economic sphere.

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