National Competitiveness as the Object of Indicative Planning in the Context of Re-industrialization

N.A. Nevskaya, A.P. Garnov, A.V. Brykin, E.V. Malakhova
European Research Studies Journal, Volume XXI, Special Issue 1, 148-155, 2018
DOI: 10.35808/ersj/1167


Three years after the adoption of legislation regarding strategical planning we are able to see the first statistical results, reflecting actual conditions of regulated objects. The subject of this article is to examine the system of indicators of state economic policy, targeting to stimulate the development of economic potential with the aim to improve national economic competitiveness. The objective is the competitiveness of domestic economy as the subject of regulation.The aim is the analysis of the system of indicators on the basis of comparison of actual and planned data, detecting weakly correlated indicators and to make recommendations to correct the system of indicators. The article analyses the indicators that are being used in normative and legal documents. The authors consider long-term and medium-term targets for economic frontier development, as well as main factors that should be accounted while formulating the system of indicators for the economic potential in long- and medium-term.As the list of indicators of economic development in the strategic documents is vast, the chosen direction considers the production with high added value. The indicators considered reflect the indicative aim of scientific development, national innovation system and technology as the most important foundations for improvement of national economic competitiveness. Multidirectional trend of economic development and administration indicators has been detected. The formation of system of supplementary indicators that reflect the development of production frontier has been proposed.

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