‘The influence of the Brand name to Brand’s success’

Dr. Vassilis Angelis, Dr. Irini Rigopoulou
European Research Studies Journal, Volume VI, Issue 3-4, 257-280, 2003
DOI: 10.35808/ersj/113


Many questions related to the contribution and the role of the name of the Brand as a company asset, have not been explicitly answered through empirical research. This specific study attempts to provide some answers to these questions. Through the hypotheses tested, we came to the conclusion that the name is perceived by the executives as the most important defining element of the Brand (among others specified) and that the contribution of the Brand name to particular criteria of Brand success is significant according to all those aspects. Along these lines managerial insights into these findings could lead to a new role for the name in the context of the Strategic view of Brand building oriented to Brand Success.

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