Risk Management and Prospects for the Transition of Penitentiary System: The Case of Kazakhstan

D. Lamasharipov
European Research Studies Journal, Volume XXI, Issue 3, 488-495, 2018
DOI: 10.35808/ersj/1077


The purpose of this work is to assess the potential for implementing methods of project risk management in the practice of planning a reform to Kazakhstan's penitentiary system. The paper examines some of the international standards for the treatment of inmates within correctional facilities, some of the best practices in reforming the penitentiary system, and some of the key characteristics of the current stage in reforming Kazakhstan's penitentiary system.To collect the study's primary data, the author employed an expert survey. The survey featured 17 heads of various departments in correctional facilities within Kazakhstan's penitentiary system. The findings from the author's study indicate that today Kazakhstan has all the material preconditions and conditions required to transition to a new stage in reforming its penitentiary system based on the implementation of methods of project risk management.

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